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LC-3 Assembly interpreter for the Parallax Propeller

As part of a future project to build a portable LC-3 simulator, I have written an almost complete LC-3 interpreter for the Parallax Propeller. LC-3 is a 16-bit word-addressable assembly language designed for the LC-3 micro computing system. The LC-3 … Continue reading

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Building Radio Transmitter/Receiver circuits: Tips and tricks

Normally this is a project blog, but I’m going to “break the mold” today and share some of the things I wish I had known about radio circuits. I attempted to build radio transmitter circuits for years and always ran … Continue reading

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Light up your hallway!

Do you live in an apartment, condominium, or dormitory? Do you want all your neighbors and friends to know how ridiculously geeky you are? Than this project is for you! Basically, this circuit waits for a knock at the door, … Continue reading

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Stingray Robot – Update 3

All new robot circuitry and weaponry! This is the first modification to the actual robot itself, as all other updates have to do with the remote. This update re-writes all the code and re-builds all the circuitry. The default Robot … Continue reading

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Hacking, Modding, Programming……

I’ve been doing things a little out of the norm lately. Specifically, as the title suggests, hacking, modding, and programming. Not the physical hacking and modding that most of you are used to seeing on this blog, but code-only modding … Continue reading

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ALICE Artificial Intelligence on the Propeller! (AIML Interpreter)

NOTE: THIS PROJECT IS STILL IN PROGRESS. CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES. UPDATED TO VERSION 0.7 ON 1/20/12 My project over winter break has been to successfully port the ALICE AI onto the Propeller chip. After 1.5 weeks, I’ve finally finished … Continue reading

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Stingray Robot – Update 2

Ever since winning my Stingray, it has been the one “ongoing project” that is continually being updated in little ways. The pictures I have for this second update don’t even have some of the most recent upgrades, as they were … Continue reading

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Learning iPhone programming – Update 1

Where have I been? What have I been doing? iPhone programming! My previous update on Android programming, from which I only toyed around with, is a lot different than this. Rather than just evaluate the software and programming experience, I … Continue reading

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Writing a Nuts and Volts article

To all you who have been wondering why I haven’t been posting new articles on my blog: I have been working on writing an article for a magazine. As some of you may have known, I have written for the … Continue reading

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The FlipClock – An accelerometer controlled Digital Clock

One of those things you dread about morning is waking up to a blaring alarm, and fumbling sleepily around for the off switch. Don’t you wish your clock would get the hint when you’re knocking it on the floor trying … Continue reading

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