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Projects that have been completed and are fully useable, although they may still have some bugs.

Light up your hallway!

Do you live in an apartment, condominium, or dormitory? Do you want all your neighbors and friends to know how ridiculously geeky you are? Than this project is for you! Basically, this circuit waits for a knock at the door, … Continue reading

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The FlipClock – An accelerometer controlled Digital Clock

One of those things you dread about morning is waking up to a blaring alarm, and fumbling sleepily around for the off switch. Don’t you wish your clock would get the hint when you’re knocking it on the floor trying … Continue reading

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Propeller Clock: With a Propeller Chip! – “Digital” style POV clock

Everyone loves Propeller clocks! Now there is one powered by a Propeller Chip! If you don’t know what a “Propeller Clock” or a “POV clock” is, look at the images below. Also, FYI, POV stands for “Persistence of Vision”. This … Continue reading

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Digital Measuring Tape – AKA poor man’s mini-rangefinder

This is one of those small-but-valuable projects. Simple, but useful. The guts of it is basically a Propeller module cut out of the middle of a Protoboard, (I’ve used this before, Jeff Ledger has an article on it on … Continue reading

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RFID Employee Time Clock – Version 3

Yes, count them, 3. Over the past year this project has had 3 hardware reversions and 6 software reversions before it finally works the way it is supposed to. It also looks pretty nice, too. I specified this as an … Continue reading

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