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Projects made and articles related to the Parallax Propeller chip

LC-3 Assembly interpreter for the Parallax Propeller

As part of a future project to build a portable LC-3 simulator, I have written an almost complete LC-3 interpreter for the Parallax Propeller. LC-3 is a 16-bit word-addressable assembly language designed for the LC-3 micro computing system. The LC-3 … Continue reading

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Stingray Robot – Update 2

Ever since winning my Stingray, it has been the one “ongoing project” that is continually being updated in little ways. The pictures I have for this second update don’t even have some of the most recent upgrades, as they were … Continue reading

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The FlipClock – An accelerometer controlled Digital Clock

One of those things you dread about morning is waking up to a blaring alarm, and fumbling sleepily around for the off switch. Don’t you wish your clock would get the hint when you’re knocking it on the floor trying … Continue reading

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Propeller Clock: With a Propeller Chip! – “Digital” style POV clock

Everyone loves Propeller clocks! Now there is one powered by a Propeller Chip! If you don’t know what a “Propeller Clock” or a “POV clock” is, look at the images below. Also, FYI, POV stands for “Persistence of Vision”. This … Continue reading

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Digital Measuring Tape – AKA poor man’s mini-rangefinder

This is one of those small-but-valuable projects. Simple, but useful. The guts of it is basically a Propeller module cut out of the middle of a Protoboard, (I’ve used this before, Jeff Ledger has an article on it on … Continue reading

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RFID Employee Time Clock – Version 3

Yes, count them, 3. Over the past year this project has had 3 hardware reversions and 6 software reversions before it finally works the way it is supposed to. It also looks pretty nice, too. I specified this as an … Continue reading

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