Stingray Robot – Update 2

Picture of the new Stingray remote
Ever since winning my Stingray, it has been the one “ongoing project” that is continually being updated in little ways. The pictures I have for this second update don’t even have some of the most recent upgrades, as they were taken about a month ago. Speaking of which, you may have wondered why have haven’t posted in so long! Let’s just say I’ve had a large (paid!) job that has consumed much of my free time over the past few months, and that’s all I’ll say on the matter. Now! No time to waste, here’s the list of most recent updates, along with some pictures!

I have COMPLETELY rebuilt the remote, so that is mostly what the updates are for.

New Stingray improvements:
- Now armed with a Nerf gun
- Features a backlit LCD for readout of data like speed control
- Plugs directly into the wall for charging
- Has a frontal collision plate to avoid gearbox damage
- Features a full speaker system and is capable of playing WAV files read from the external SD card.

New remote improvements (that’s what has changed the most, after all):
- More simple, clean, and accessible
- More accurate control with a triple axis hall effect joystick
- Easy speed readout
- 2 steering options: Preset and Scaled. Preset is the simple Up, down, left, right control whereas scaled takes advantage of the accurate joystick and uses a software algorithm to control the robot based on the joystick location.
- Easy speed select with the third axis on the joystick, so speed can be adjusted while the robot is moving
- Dart launch button (Duh!) with indicator light
- Wav file playing/stopping button.
- NEW Speed lock switch – this switch lets you lock the speed controls so that you don’t accidentally change it while navigating the robot

And of course, it is much nicer and more practical than the previous remote. The only disadvantage to this one over the previous model is the lack of a touchscreen. The touchscreen on the other model was simple impractical – it was only used for 3 functions, ones that simple buttons could replace. Personally, I am a fan of analog interfaces.

However, if you still want to see the old one, you can see it in an old forum thread here:….-EVER!!&highlight=Coolest+stingray+remote

I’ve been told that the mass amount of images on my blog slows down the connection in other countries, so I will be posting links rather than having them inline. Also, the setup is so large that it didn’t fit on the nice white background that I usually use. Here’s the links:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Thanks for reading, I hope to post new updates soon!

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