ALICE Artificial Intelligence on the Propeller! (AIML Interpreter)



My project over winter break has been to successfully port the ALICE AI onto the Propeller chip. After 1.5 weeks, I’ve finally finished what I set out to create, a working ALICE interpreter for the Parallax Propeller. I’m releasing it now even though it is not entirely done, for 2 reasons. (1. Classes start back on Monday, and I want to get this out before I have other things to worry about. (2. The sooner I get this out, the quicker I’ll be able to get support and help with it.
This interpreter has a lot of data to chew through, and for added speed it is really deserving of a multipropeller system, but I have designed it for use with a single Propeller so that anyone can download a try it. The download link is at the bottom of this article

Here are the pros and cons of the current system (v.1.7)

- You can carry on a simple conversation with it without too much error.
- It is very versatile code and can be easily adapted to many projects.
- You can easily add your own data due to the easy editing of AIML.
- It’s AI!!

- EXCRUCIATINGLY slow!! Sometimes you’ll get an answer in a few seconds, other times several minutes. It’s like talking over email or text. This is why it needs a multipropeller system!
UPDATED: Now only certain questions are slow! Anything NOT starting with WH, IS, DO, I, AR, YO, or CA are answered in a couple of seconds! Optimization for these starting letters is in the works for version 0.8
- Still displays some of the lesser used tags like HTML tags, ul, random, set, bot, and think.
- Takes up over half of the memory. This can be adjusted though.
- Does not capture the text AFTER a wildcard (“*”). This will sometimes give you interesting responses, especially if you type “what is a [blank]“. I’m working on this and should fix it soon.
- Does not filter out punctuation and white space.

If you want, you can download and try this out now!
You will need:
- Demoboard or similar configuration
- SD card and holder/breakout board
- VGA monitor
- Keyboard
- The source code! Download it here!
- The ALICE brain file. This goes on the SD card. Download it here!

On a demoboard, connect the SD card to pins 0 through 3 in the standard configuration. Connect the card to a computer and unzip the file to the card. Program the EEPROM on the Propeller with the linked ALICE file. Plug in a VGA monitor and a keyboard. That’s it!
Make sure you DON’T use ANY punctuation when you type, as it doesn’t filter this out yet.

Thanks! I’ll post with updates soon! If you want to ask a question, contact me at

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