Hacking, Modding, Programming……

I’ve been doing things a little out of the norm lately. Specifically, as the title suggests, hacking, modding, and programming. Not the physical hacking and modding that most of you are used to seeing on this blog, but code-only modding with the popular Java game Minecraft. I wanted a way to learn Java coding, but most outlets for coding in Java involved assuming that you already knew some of the basics of coding in Java, which I hadn’t. That is, until I found out about Minecraft modding. It had hundreds of tutorials out there for people that didn’t have any experience at all coding, and it was quite easy to pick up. I had downloaded eclipse so I thought I would give it a shot, and I made a few mods. The first one was a waste of time, getting about 350 downloads (more than I could dream of getting on Propeller code, but a low count for a Minecraft mod) however I gained a valuable experience in what to do and what not to do when modding. The second one had some time put into it, and it became mildly successful, getting over 3,500 downloads in a month and still counting. I won’t post the details of the mod here, as I know most of my followers are technical readers who couldn’t care less, but if you want to know about it you can see the link in the Minecraft forum here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1095388-125ssp-mo-splosions-v12-the-ultimate-explosives-mod/

(keep in mind, I only linked to the good one) :)

Though electronics is my preferred outlet of interest, it has one caveat: Expense. Programming does away with this, which is why I have been working with it for the time being. I will post with some more electronics-fun soon, and finally get that stingray update working properly. :)

Thanks for reading!


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