Stingray Robot – Update 3

All new robot circuitry and weaponry! This is the first modification to the actual robot itself, as all other updates have to do with the remote. This update re-writes all the code and re-builds all the circuitry. The default Robot driver board has been replaced with a Propeller BOE and duel HB-25 motor controllers. This mean that the Xbee and the SD card are now integrated into the board, eliminating the connectivity issues that was had with the old setup. In addition there is a full audio setup on the Prop BOE, so the WAV player is more effective than before. Due to the fact that the HB-25′s are controlled differently than a simple H-bridge, the steering code had to be entirely re-written, which is why this update has been so long in coming. That, and the fact that I’m lazy and don’t update my blog much. This project was actually finalized mid June.

Oh, and did I mention that in addition to all this, the robot has been outfitted with a 10 shot Nerf gun? No more reloading between shots!

Here’s a picture, click it to see it larger:

Here’s the Pros and Cons list I attach to each Robot update I do:

- More reliable system
- SD card actually works more than half the time
- Xbee errors are almost completely gone
- No longer hard to duplicate the project (The robot control board was obsolete)
- Rechargeable battery system built in
- Robot is faster due to the elimination of the PMW system
- New nerf gun means you can launch a full assult from up to 100 ft. away
- Easily Detachable Nerf gun

- Steering is a little bit harder
- Power draw is more (due to the HB-25)
- Nerf gun will fall off if you hit it on something. (disadvantage of it being detachable)

Anyway, hope you liked this project! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at
Thanks for reading!

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