Microcontrolled Technology blog is now up!

If you are reading this, you must have found it. Welcome to the Microcontrolled blog! If you don’t know me, you can check out my Parallax Forums profile

You can also check my YouTube channel

I’ll be posting [almost] all my projects here now, so check often!

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5 Responses to Microcontrolled Technology blog is now up!

  1. Art G. Granzeier III says:


    Good to see your stuff again. Long time, no see; been a while since I’ve frequented the Prop Forum.

    This is nicely done and I’m looking forward to more posts. Keep up the good work.

  2. Microcontrolled says:

    Thanks! I’ve noticed your lacking in the Prop forum and was wondering where you were! :-)

    • Art G. Granzeier III says:

      Got a LOT going on (a wedding, followed by Office Training School, for one son; another just left for basic training (and he wants us to go down to southern Georgia – Ft. Benning – for his graduation); the son who is married is moving back (tonight) home (wife and kid in a week); my oldest getting ready to leave for a middle-east deployment, followed by a two-year deployment to Ft. Rucker for helicopter school; my daughter just moved out; I’m trying to get my web store up and running and trying to finalize development of a small ‘bot, my Prop Intro course and kit and my Propeller Student Development Kit and text book – don’t get to the forums much any more. My end of the stuff needs to be done before I am allowed to go to UPENE (my wife says that I need to be able to reasonably expect to sell stuff at the UPENE, preferably enough to cover the cost of the trip) and I really want to go to that (won’t be able to get to UPEC because the wedding is going to cost us about a grand or two – more $$$$, ugh)

  3. Microcontrolled says:

    @Art Granzeier: WOW and I thought I had a tight schedule! I’m hoping to go to UPENE this year if I don’t have to miss any classes and I can afford the trip, so I *hope* to see you there! Your future Propeller products sound interesting as well.

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